Help with Ballistix PC3 - 10600 Timings

Kilobyte Kid

Help with Ballistix PC3 - 10600 Timings

Hello Everyone.

I'm a little confused because I bought a PC3 10600, 4GB Kit (Part # BL2KIT25664BA1336) that is supposedly rated to run at 1.8V with 6-6-6-20 timings. However, I cannot verify that on the Crucial product website because the kits that are similar in size (2 x 2GB sticks) are all 8-8-8-24 and PC3 12800 and the sticks that are the same (PC3 10600) are either different voltage or different CAS timings.

I'd like to point out that I'm not just seeking verification. I ran Prime95 and kept coming back with errors. The CPU speed never goes about 49 degrees Celsius which is why I am looking into my RAM.

I currently have the RAM timings set manually in my BIOS at 1.8V and 6-6-6-20 but I don't know what to do with the Bank Cycle Time (tRC) or the Command Rate (CR) timings.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: Help with Ballistix PC3 - 10600 Timings


Hi Gster,


The guaranteed speeds and timings for these modules are as follows:



DDR3 PC310600 (1333MHz)

6-6-6-20 (CAS, tRCD, tRP, tRAS)

Voltage= 1.8V


Unfortunately we can only provide these timings as all other timings and command rates can vary from system to system.  However, you could try setting it to 1T then 2T to see which gives you the most stable environment.  For this and other settings we would recommend contacting the manufacturer for advice. 


If you have just bought these parts then it is likely that it is just a set up problem that is causing the issue.


To determine if the memory is faulty we recommend Memtest. 

Memtest can be downloaded free from 

I hope this helps.

Maulmod, Crucial Moderator UK

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: Help with Ballistix PC3 - 10600 Timings

Thanks for the reply.  Unfortunately, I've already tried 1T and 2T and it made no difference.  My board is Gigabyte's GA-MA790XT-UD4P and it has a lot more settings than the four you mentioned, but I only really wonder about the tRC setting.  Also, I have the latest BIOS on the board.


The only way the system is completely stable is to run it under SPD recommended settings of 9-9-9-24 I believe and to go back to 1.65V.


Cooling is not an issue as all my temps are well below normal, and I've already done several memory tests (including Microsoft's Memory Diagnostic) with no problems having been found.


I'll use the memory testing tool you recommened and report back if anything changes.  If not, do you think I need to return the sticks?


Thanks again!