Memory issue

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Memory issue

Hello! This memory " BLT8G4D30BET4K" i'm buy one of this stick today, and in the future i buy more one, this is compatible with 2x8 dual channel? or i have to buy 2x8 package or 1x16? I want to put in AX370 - Gaming K3 motherboard with Ryzen APU, because this i want the benefits of 2x8 ram mode but i don't have conditions to buy 2x8 at now.

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Re: Memory issue

I am not entirely sure I understand your question. If you want matched compatible memory you should purchased as a matched kit, otherwise buying the same part number is the next best thing. Mixing different part numbers will ensure that you lose dual channel performance, and force the parts to run in single channel mode only. So you can mix a 16GB and an 8GB in the same channel, but they won't run as a pair, which honestly isn't losing you that much performance.

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