RAM causing reboots and BSOD?

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RAM causing reboots and BSOD?

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I think I have problem with my RAM memory. My PC configuration:
i5-2500k@stock clocks
ASUS p8p67 pro rev 3.1
2x8GB Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR3 1600MHz Cl9 9-9-9-24
bequiet system power 7 500W
gigabyte r9 280x
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Sometime ago my PC started rebooting randomly and on reboot I was getting a black screen. I took out the RAM sticks and put them back in the same slots, but the RAM LED on motherboard kept being lit red. I changed them in to other slots - the black ones - and it stopped being lit red and booted the system normally.
But the OS still had problems with freezing, USB internet modem not working etc. So I went with the PC to a repair service. They couldn't find out much, they only changed the BIOS because although it said it was the newest one - 3602 - some numbers next that followed were different from the BIOS version that was on the ASUS mobo page. After the BIOS change, the RAM memory in BIOS went from 1600MHz 9-9-9-24 to auto config 1333MHz 8-8-8-20 [https://i.imgur.com/qer4txg.jpg ; https://i.imgur.com/m7MWzzP.jpg ]. When I change it back to 1600MHz etc. I get a notification on POST screen that "Overclocking failed". It was working fine at the repair service, but when I brought it back home I had problem with the PC not shutting down completely and random reboots.  I switched the RAM sticks back to the blue slots that I originally used and then I used the MemOK! button on the motherboard https://i.imgur.com/1XRg0eH.jpg I don't get random reboots anymore, but I am plagued by BlueScreens with codes like MEMORY_MANAGEMENT; PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA -> these are the usual ones, once I had SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION, 0x7E, 0xc000000e
The bluescreens happen randomly, most of the time when Firefox starts crashing, or after I play a game. The past 3 days I played a game for 6hours and few minutes after I close the game I get a bluescreen. I tried reinstalling system and I installed Windows10 but I kept having bluescreens and reboots on it too.
When I ran the Windows Memory Diagnostics tool I got information that there is problem with hardware.

RAM information:
https://i.imgur.com/YDNOUFB.jpg the codes are different at the end, could it be a problem? the upper one is BG112NK.LG 209144, the lower one is BG112WP.LC 279890 I bought them several years ago from an electronics store, I'm from Europe.

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Re: RAM causing reboots and BSOD?

The last picture you posted of the memory shows the contacts are covered in a white substance most likely a lubricant to make inserting the memory easier.   I've seen this cause problems after a few years so I would clean the contacts of the DIMMs with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel or Q-tip making sure not to touch the surface mount components as they are easily damaged.   If it is hard to clean with the alcohol you can also rub a pencil eraser over the contacts and then use the alcohol to help remove the eraser remnants from the contacts.   Make sure the alcohol has evaporated and the DIMM is dry before reinstalling them.


I would also try using one memory module at a time (in the same socket) to see if there is any difference in behavior between them.  If your motherboard allows it, you should try one stick by themselves in the other black socket to confirm each memory socket is working as well.  Having both modules installed at once changes the system's behavior as well as the power requirements.


In addition to the Windows memory diagnostic, you could also try Memtest86.  Another good utility to stress test a system is Prime95 using its Torture Test mode.  I would try stressing the CPU first, then try stressing the memory.  These utilties may help reproduce the issue faster & in a more reliable way.


I'm not sure if the repair shop did this or not, but after a motherboard firmware update it is a good idea to restore the BIOS/UEFI settings to Defaults (Optimized Defaults are usually safe most of the time).


It is also possible your power supply or motherboard could be starting to have problems.   If you don't have good clean power you will encounter stability issues as well.  Maybe even check your power surge strip, etc.