RGB Memory reverts to teal color

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RGB Memory reverts to teal color

My RGB Ballistix memory reverts to a teal color whenever I log off or my computer goes into hibernate mode (when I log back in or unlock the PC, the color changes to teal)


I've set up a Task Schedule that executes whenever I log in or Unlock my PC to run the MOD program (and kill it if it is running from a previous session, although it seems that it disappears anyway).    When the task scheduler runs the MOD program, it will about 30% of the time reset my colors properly, but about 70% of the time, it only brings back one or two of my colors and leaves the other colors set to teal.


I'd like to get this resolved if at all possible rather than having to return the modules and buy something else.   I have an ASUS RGOG STRIX Z390-E Gaming motherboard, and it is supposed to be compatible, but as near as I can tell the MOD program doesn't work very well.   I downloaded a new copy of the program off the site hoping that would take care of the issue.


Also is there any estimated time when these modules will be compatible with AURA?   Or will only new RAM modules purchased in the future be compatible.  I've got 64 GB (4 RAM modules) and this is all very exasperating and I've been trying to get this resolved for over a week now and am thinking maybe I'm going to have to return the memory.

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Re: RGB Memory reverts to teal color

I've got the exact same problem...