Tactical Tracer DDR4 -- RGB is NOT Compatible with Asus Aura?

Kilobyte Kid

Tactical Tracer DDR4 -- RGB is NOT Compatible with Asus Aura?

Hello Crucial Community,


I recently built a gaming computer based on an Asus motherboard and components which were RGB and compatible with Asus Aura software.  I specifically chose Crucial's Ballistix Tactical Tracer DDR4 RAM for the sole reason that the manufacturer site expressly states RGB compatibility with Asus Aura:


 (See very bottom of page, fine print): 

  1. "Compatible with ASUS® Aura, MSI® Mystic Light, Gigabyte® AORUS Graphics Engine, and other popular LED-controlling software."


Now, after building my computer and attempting to sync my RAM's RGB to Aura software, surprise surprise - it is not, in fact, compatible with Asus Aura (or at least not yet):



Is this not false advertising?  How should I proceed to get a full refund for my purchase?  I will buy a new DDR4 kit that is much less expensive than the Tactical Tracer kit which charges a premium for features such as Aura-compatible RGB which are obviously imaginary.  Thanks!



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Binary Boss

Re: Tactical Tracer DDR4 -- RGB is NOT Compatible with Asus Aura?

ASUS Aura is not an ideal solution for RGB control. I woudn't recommend bying DRAM modules supporting ASUS Aura, because many users all over the world are running intro frequent issues where RGB LED stops working or RGB control software suddenly can't detect supported modules. Besides, ASUS Aura is a dangerous technology which is based on constant SPD writes. This may damage SPD content of your DRAM modules and result into malfunction. Read G.SKILL (Trident Z section) and Corsair (Vengeance PRO) forums before purchasing something different from Crucial products.