DDR4 RGB Tactical Tracers Available Now

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We have launched our long awaited Ballistix Tactical Tracer DDR4 RGB on our website today. Specifications, features, and a link to buy these memory modules can be found here.  Please let us know if you have any questions. We are excited to see the builds that these modules will inspire. 



Kilobyte Kid

Thanks for the heads up Yogi.  It was a real surprise to get an email notifying me of this post since it has been such a long time back to the original.  Unfortunately I've just built a new machine and cannot afford new memory at the moment but I do like the looks of the new Tracers and will probably consider changing out my current install. 

Community Manager

@Frisky  Thanks for your reply. You are very welcome. I knew it had been awhile since you had posted, but thought I would let everyone know who had been interested. Yes, the new Tracers are awesome and definitely something to keep in mind for any future updates/ new builds.