New Windows 7 firmware update tool

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We are excited to make available a firmware update tool for Windows® 7-based PCs that eliminates the need for creating bootable media. We are adding this method of firmware update in addition to our previous methods.


NOTE: If you currently have FW version 0309 on your Crucial m4 SSD, you do not need to perform this firmware update.  This new update tool is for those customers who have not yet installed FW version 0309 on their Crucial m4 SSD.


The new firmware update tool is compatible with Windows® 7-based PC systems only.  The tool is a Windows .exe file that will force your Windows 7-based PC to reboot, load the firmware update utility, perform the update, and reboot back to Windows.  Please feel free to provide feedback on our firmware update page located at the following link:

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Kilobyte Kid

I have had a SSD v4 256GB since December 3rd. 2012, given as a Birthday present, but I have no intention of installing it until the Promised Firmware upgrade arrives!  Though, it has to be said, I'm beginning to despair since no announcements ever appear and advice to purchasers is non existent.

Howsover, would the 'New Windows 7 Firmware update Tool,' referred to above be of use if such an update for the V4 be provided?



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