Using a 64-bit version of Windows? The Crucial System Scanner tool is now compatible!

Crucial Employee

Using a 64-bit version of Windows? The Crucial Sys...

We were able to set up a few computers for testing and development work on the System Scanner. By testing the Crucial System Scanner in 64-bit versions of both Windows Vista and Windows 7, we were able to troubleshoot and eventually isolate the specific code that was not compatible with 64-bit versions of Windows.


We now have a version of the System scanner that is compatible with both 64-bit Windows Vista and the beta version of 64-bit Windows 7. In testing the new version, we saw none of the issues reported earlier.


So, if your computer uses a 64-bit version of Windows Vista or the Windows 7 beta, give the Crucial System Scanner a try. Please let us know how it works or if you have any problems running it.



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