All you need to know about warranties and returns

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Beyond our global support team we covered in last month’s article here, we offer competitive warranties to help support you should you run into any issues with any of our products. It is rare for our customers to need to return Crucial products, but we do understand issues can happen and we are here to help. All our products come with a 45 day money back guarantee period. If you order one of our products using our system scanner or memory advisor on our site, we guarantee they will be compatible or your money back. You only need to contact our Crucial Customer Support team or set up a return online using our handy online RMA tool.


Our drives have Micron quality and reliability built into every drive. We spend thousands of hours on pre-release validation and have a history of award-winning SSDs. We are confident enough in our products to include a three year or five-year warranty with each SSD. Our warranty varies depending on the model of SSD you have purchased. A guide to all details on our warranty process (SSDs and RAM) can be found here.


In the unlikely event that your memory fails after the 45 day return period, please contact us. Our limited lifetime memory warranty will ensure that your memory works properly. However, most memory returned to us is not actually defective. We would advise following the troubleshoot steps here prior to contacting us for a return as we would hate for you to return product that is not defective.


If you ever need support or a return please feel free to contact us. We have free tech support and will make any returns as easy as possible.  No questions asked.


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Kilobyte Kid

Anyone notice in the past month or since last storage executive update the momentum cache has been slowed down significantly to about half? I have this on 4 machines all the same with plenty of memory 16GB. Used to get as much as 5gb read/3GB write, now 2gb read/1gb write.