Ballistix vs Standard Memory

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Following on from our last post about RAM and its importance in gaming, we thought we would give you a dedicated feature about our “Built to Win” RAM – Ballistix.


Ballistix – just like Crucial -  is a Micron brand so what you get is the only major gaming brand that’s built and tested from start to finish as part of a major memory manufacturer. Ballistix DRAM delivers a higher level of performance than regular PC gaming memory. For more than 35 years, Micron has gone from engineering old-school DDR memory all the way to empowering the future of PC gaming with Ballistix DDR4 modules. Ballistix therefore benefits from the Micron quality and can offer the reliability that Pro Gamers require. Did you know that Ballistix proudly sponsors many pro teams such as Fnatic, Team Liquid, Vexed, LDLC, Ballistix?


In terms of performance, Ballistix offers faster speeds and lower latencies than its Crucial counterpart. We often get asked: “What’s more important Speed or CAS Latency?” so we made a comprehensive guide to cover this here.


With Ballistix you’re also sure to win at all the beauty contests. With sleek lines and funky heat spreaders and colours, the Ballistix RAM will give you any even better reason to show off your system. And yes, the heat spreaders look cool but they are not there just to make your RAM look pretty so find out their benefits here.


You can further check out what separates Ballistix memory from standard memory in: Memory vs. performance memory and Ballistix memory – what you need to know.


Now we’ve told you what gives Ballistix the edge above the rest, you just need to decide which series you want, Ballistix Sport, Ballistix Tactical or Ballistix Elite. If you’re struggling to decide, we have tried to make it even easier in our very handy comparison table to help you choose.


In a nutshell, Ballistix helps you win on all fronts, this is what makes it the memory of champions.  We back up this claim with competitive warranties, a hardcore community of fans, and a dedicated gamer support team, so now are you ready to take your in-game performance to the next level?


Visit Ballistix gaming for more news about our products, team sponsors, competitions and much more!