Client SSD vs Enterprise SSD

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As businesses combat the large amounts of data that they are needing to access and store, traditional storage devices are being pushed to their limit. As SSDs have become very popular for consumer systems, it has become even more apparent that SSDs can be powerful in a server environment. Server admins researching and going to purchase SSDs, may be stumped as to why there are different versions of seemingly similar drives and enterprise versions that costs quite a bit more than drives designed for client systems.


Consumer grade SSDS, those designed for personal computer storage, can excel in some, but not all enterprise applications. Crucial sells consumer grade SSDs designed for day to day use. Enterprise drives are designed purely with enterprise use in  mind and can withstand the heavy demands of a server environment. If you are considering a client SSD in an enterprise application it is important to understand these differences. We have an article here that goes in depth into the differences between how data is managed between an HDD and SSD and gives details as to how these differences can make a Crucial consumer grade SSD not the right solution for an enterprise environment.  Our parent company Micron, sells a variety of enterprise drives to meet any demands you may have. You may find more information about the products they offer here.


The bottom line is, longer term suitability for enterprise applications should be the top consideration over ease of finding and installing an SSD. To maximize the cost savings and performance benefits, choose the right SSD the first time.  The cost of choosing the wrong SSD can also negate any initial cost savings and performance benefits gained when the SSD wears out early due to excessive writes or it may achieve far lower sustained write performance over expected lifetime.