Customize your PC with Ballistix

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In our last post we talked about the benefits of our performance memory with our  Ballistix RAM vs our Standard Memory. This week we are going to dig into the aesthetics of our Ballistix RAM and how it may be used to customize your PC.


Our Ballistix Sport line offers black, grey, white, and red varieties. These memory upgrades offer the best selection of colors for your system, while being the most affordable of our Ballistix line. This RAM allows you to really customize your PC the way you want, as you can match other components in your PC. Compared to our standard RAM these upgrades deliver faster speeds and lower latencies. These memory modules are also plug and play and have XMP profiles for easy configuration. They have integrated heat spreaders to help control memory temperatures and add extra style to your system. You can learn more about our Ballistix heat spreaders by reading this article here. Our Ballistix Sport line comes in DDR3 or DDR4 and a variety of speeds.


Our Tactical Tracer RAM offers the same features as our Ballistix Sport RAM, black PCB, and even RGB LED configurations.  Our Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB DDR4 RAM has adjustable light patterns and brightness. You can control 8 zones of RGB LEDs and select up to 12 different patterns. They are easy to adjust via our latest Ballistix M.O.D software. You can even sync the LEDs with other RGB components. These modules also have a removable light bar which allows you to create different LED visual effects and enables 3D printing possibilities for even further customization. Check out our cool video where we created a Chicago skyline for our light bars using 3D printing here and our promo video here .  If customizable LEDs aren’t your style, we offer Ballistix Tactical RAM in gun metal gray (DDR4 variety) or in yellow (DDR3 variety).  This RAM is manufactured with the gamer in mind. It allows you to do more with less time.  Ballistix Tactical RAM throttles up to bandwidths starting at 21.3 GB/s through the memory bus, standard RAM is often only able to handle up to 12.3 GB/s. before hitting bandwidth restrictions.


If you are looking for sleek RAM with ultimate performance look no further than our Ballistix Elite RAM. Ballistix Elite RAM is made to fuel hardcore processors and to offer the fastest speeds and bandwidths available.  This RAM starts at 2666 MT/s and only goes up from there. This sleek design fits any color scheme or system design as it features a black heat spreader and complementary black PCB. It is optimized for the latest Intel XMP 2.0 profiles for easy set up and configuration. Our exclusive Ballistix M.O.D utility can be used for real time temperature monitoring.  A video showing features of this DDR4 RAM can be found here.


Whatever system design you are looking for there is a Ballistix upgrade available to compliment it. Ballistix RAM comes in a variety of colors and styles to compliment any build you can dream up. The hard part will be deciding which one to choose.