Having enough RAM can drastically improve your performance

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Many photographers, graphic designers, and photo editors look for tips to optimize their computers and improve their systems productivity.  In our last article we wrote about the importance of having an SSD and how it can improve the speed of editing. In this article we will cover how having enough RAM can also drastically improve your system performance.


Almost everything you do in your system requires computer memory. Computer memory is your system’s short-term data storage. It stores everything your system is actively using at any given point. The more demand the program has on the system the more memory you will need. If you use photo editing, music production, or design applications you are really seeing this demand on your system. If you have insufficient memory you will run into programs crashing and subpar performance. This can be extremely frustrating if you use your computer to complete tasks in any creative application and can really slow down how much you can complete in these applications.  


For example, by simply opening Lightroom or Photoshop your system uses about 1GB of RAM per program. Once you open a file or start scrolling through pictures in the program, your system uses about 4GB of RAM. When you combine this with the operating system, which usually uses 2GB, you can see that the amount of RAM used in your system really adds up quickly. We recommend at least 16GB to 64GB of RAM to avoid slow down if you are running the latest Creative Cloud applications. In most cases more is better.   We have a handy guide here that helps detail the memory requirement of many of these applications and different operating systems.


After learning more about the memory requirements of these programs you may be wondering if your computer needs more memory? If you are running into any sluggishness or are planning on using these creative programs and have less than 16GB currently, then the answer is probably, “More than likely.”


At Crucial we make cost effective solutions for upgrading your system so it can easily handle the demand of these memory hungry applications. RAM is one of the least expensive and easiest components to upgrade. It is also one of the best ways to improve the user experience of working on your computer and extending its life.  Just use our system scanner or memory advisor tool to find upgrades that are guaranteed to be compatible with your system.  Think of all the time you will get back once you upgrade your system and are no longer dealing with crashing programs and slow applications.