How an SSD can change the speed of editing

Kilobyte Kid

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In this day and age, most of us just want to get our work done as quickly as possible to increase our productivity and for this, we rely on the tools we use to be as efficient as they have ever been.


When we think about working faster, multitasking and speeding up our computers, we tend to think: RAM upgrades! Whilst it is very true that increasing your memory will help with all of the above, we sometimes overlook the importance of an upgrade to our hard drives as we often just see them as storage devices.


At Crucial, we make Solid State drives (SSDs) and we are proud of the performance gains our products can give you. We dedicated a previous blog to explain the performance boost of an SSD and the differences between an SSD and a mechanical hard drive (HDD).


An SSD will literally change your life and help you gain back some time to yourself by giving you speed in ways you had maybe never considered. Did you know that an SSD can help you work 6X faster?

If your work relies heavily on photo editing, music production, design applications or video editing, then you don’t need us to tell you how essential it is to minimise the time it takes your computer to load, render and save your files.


One of the most widely used apps for this type of creative work is Photoshop. We have put together a very insightful article that explains how to speed up Photoshop and the role of your storage device in this. We also ran a performance test that clearly highlights the gains achieved with an SSD compared to a HDD. You can read all about this here.


If you use other applications from the Adobe Creative Cloud offerings, you can also check out our other performance tests on Premiere Pro and After Effects here, and see for yourself how graphic designers, video editors and motion graphic artists are rendering up to 3 times faster with an SSD.


If you now can’t wait to get an SSD and work at the speed of light (Ok, Ok, maybe not quite that fast!), it is important to consider the storage capacity of your SSD when picking one, so here is a little guide to help you with that.


So, with 91% of people telling us it can take an extra hour to get things done on a slower system, why let yourself be held hostage to long load times? Take control of your own performance by boosting that of your computer with a super-fast SSD!