Importance of RAM in gaming

Community Manager

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In our last post we talked about the role of SSDs in gaming. Today we want to look at another very important component to the gaming experience- RAM. RAM gives your processor and graphics the resources they need to perform. Increasing your RAM can lead to faster system speed, a more responsive system, and higher framerates. RAM is also one of the easiest and most budget friendly upgrades you can make for your gaming system. 


Are you wondering what line of memory you should get for your system, Ballistix or Crucial? We do have a few pointers for deciding here.  In general, Ballistix RAM is going to give the best gaming experience. Our Ballistix memory is designed with the gamer in mind. It’s actually used by professional gaming teams! It’s high end performance memory which offers faster speed and timings, custom heat spreaders, and lower latencies.  To get full speed with gaming RAM you may need to enable your XMP profiles.  Our heat spreaders are there for more than good looks, too. They shield the components from dust, debris and other particles, so nothing gets in your way. They also improve temperature stability.  Ballistix memory modules come in a variety of colors to complement the look of any gaming rig. We have a MOD utility that was designed exclusively for our high end Ballistix memory modules and allows you to monitor temperatures, view SPD Data, and make changes to customizable lights on Tactical Tracer modules.


The most important features to look at when purchasing RAM is deciding what capacity to purchase and the frequency. When gaming, it is best to go with 8GB or more. While it can pay to go higher, you would need to verify that a higher capacity of RAM is compatible with your motherboard.  Frequency deals with how much data can be transferred to the stick at one time. RAM runs at various frequencies, but like capacity, you can only go as high as the system allows. The higher the frequency the better the performance.  


We currently have Ballistix RAM in DDR3 and DDR4. An overview on our different Ballistix RAM memory and features can be found here. Prior to purchasing Ballistix RAM, we do advise you read this need to know guide. If you need any other information for how to build an epic gaming PC we have more suggestions here. We also advise using our system scanner or advisor tool to ensure Ballistix RAM is compatible with your system.


After you upgrade the RAM in your gaming PC you will be amazed by the added speed and seamless game play.  You’ll be glad you made the decision to upgrade your system with our RAM and kick your in-game performance up a notch.