Overview of different hardware components in a computer

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If any of you guys have seen our latest Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB modules, you might be thinking to yourself: “I wish I could build myself a new RIG and customize it with some of those Ballistix RGB modules!”


If you are new to building computers, then the first step is understanding what are the main components or hardware in a computer and what each part does. You can find this out in the “What is computer hardware” article and bear in mind that when choosing the hardware for your build, we offer several options for RAM and Storage.


Many computer operations are RAM dependant so it is one of the most critical hardware parts in your build. You can find out what RAM is here, but the amount of RAM you have also plays a huge role in the speed and performance of your system, so knowing how much RAM you need is crucial 😉.  Once you do, you will simply need to decide between Ballistix vs Standard Memory


A computer will not work without a drive to store your operating system on as well as all your files, games, videos, photos etc. You can get a mechanical hard drive (HDD) however if you are keen to build a fast beast of a machine, then you really shouldn’t consider anything other than an SSD, and more specifically, our latest MX500 model. We explain what an SSD is here and we recently looked at differences between a HDD and SSD in our blog the SSD performance boost. Once you decide on the size of drive you want, you can install it easily yourself.


For the other important components in your build, we recommend you use reputable brands to ensure your machine is of high quality throughout. If you are new to this, we have put together a guide that covers the basics of how to build a computer here, but we also have guide dedicated to the gamers out there wanting to build an epic gaming system.  


If you are a keen gamer, a modder or extreme builder, or you just want your build to look as cool as possible, then you’ll know that the sky is the limit when it comes to customising your rig.  Be sure to check out those Ballistix RGB modules mentioned at the very start, as they are sure to take your rig to the next level!