Speed up your Mac with a Crucial SSD

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Want to get even more out of your Mac system? Install an SSD! If you have a Mac system with a user replaceable hard drive you could benefit from a Crucial SSD. Adding a Crucial SSD to your system will make booting up, loading programs , and saving and transferring data so much faster.


If you are wanting to future proof your system, avoid purchasing a new system because Mac OSX updates are bogging you down, you will want to spend a little money to update your Mac. For a fraction of the cost of a new Mac you can have a system that really performs by adding an SSD and a RAM upgrade. In fact our SSDs run about six times faster than a traditional hard drive and are much more energy efficient.  In the past SSDs were expensive, and it was hard to justify the cost. Thankfully these days SSD prices are very reasonable, making this an affordable and super easy upgrade.


We have many installation guides on our website to make installation painless. You can even use the disk utility on your Mac to copy over your system. Take a look at how easy it is to install and clone a Crucial SSD in a Mac computer here. In roughly 30 minutes, with minimal tools, you will be able to swap out your HDD for a brand new SSD.


We have an SSD buying guide that offers a lot of resources about our SSDs and a system scanner and memory advisor tool that will help you select the right SSD for your system.  We also have a very helpful SSD TKB section that will give you give you a resource for updating the firmware on your Mac,  information on enabling TRIM in your Mac, and common troubleshooting help.


Adding an SSD to your system is one of the best investments you can make to keep your system going. You’ll notice the extra speed pretty quickly after the installation is complete. We can’t wait for you to experience the speed of an SSD in your system!