The role SSDs can play in gaming

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If you missed our previous blog posts, we talked about how you can install an SSD yourself in your computer and what you would gain from doing so. Today, we want to look at the role and benefits of an SSD specifically from a gamer’s perspective.


If you are a gamer, then you will want to squeeze every last bit of performance from your system to reach your optimum gaming performance and achieve greatness. Part of this, is the time it takes for your game to load and this is where an SSD outperforms a HDD. We have made the following comparison article to help you decide which is better for gaming: HDD or SSD.


If you are sold on getting an SSD to boost your gaming performance, there are some factors to consider when choosing your SSD, so check out our guide: Which SSD is best for gaming? for further advice on this.

Now we know the gaming world is divided , and we don’t wish to get into a debate about which is better: PC vs console gaming on this blog, but for you console gamers out there, we also have you covered. Did you know, you can connect an SSD externally via USB to your Xbox for example? If you have a PlayStation 4, an SSD can be installed externally via USB but also internally – check out the video we made about this here.


There you have it, everyone should find benefit in an SSD to enhance their gaming, and remember guys, regardless of what camp you belong to, love thy gaming neighbour, because the most important thing is to play.

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