Why you should use Crucial or Ballistix in your new computer build!

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In our last article we covered an Overview of different hardware components in a computer. After reading this article you may be wondering why should I choose Crucial and Ballistix products over other DRAM and SSD manufacturers? Well I can’t just give you one reason to choose, I can give you 10


For more than 35 years we’ve engineered memory as we are a part of Micron.  We’ve been in the memory and SSD game a long time, so you know you are buying from a reputable manufacturer.  You will notice as you go to purchase RAM there are a lot of options out there to choose from and it’s important to be aware of the differences between premium and generic memory. Crucial memory is made by a true memory manufacturing company, and it goes through three very important quality control steps .  Our memory and solid-state drives are backed by competitive warranties, we have a community of fans and rave reviews, and a dedicated gamer team.   Our Ballistix brand memory is also the only gaming brand that is tested from start to finish as part of a major memory manufacturer.  It isn’t just our memory, our SSDs also have performance you can count on. Many of our drives are built with RAIN technology and all of our products are backed by the Micron Quality.  On our Crucial.com website we also offer 100% guaranteed compatible upgrades by giving you the option to select your computer or motherboard model using our advisor tool or to run our system scanner.  We also have free tech support and are always willing to help with questions that may arise while using our products. 


Our Ballistix line of memory can be used for unmatched performance, but also to make your system aesthetically pleasing. We have a wide range of colors in our Ballistix Sport line that will help you incorporate any design you want. Our Ballistix RGB line will let you choose any color scheme imaginable, or, allow you to design and print a custom 3D printed light bar More on how our RAM can customize your PC can be found here. Paired with a clear sided case, with lots of air flow, you are bound to have an epic gaming system.


Whatever options you choose for your system, you cannot go wrong with Crucial SSD or Ballistix RAM in your new build.  We hope this gives you a bit more guidance as to what components you will need for an epic system and why you should choose Crucial/Ballistix for your RAM and SSD needs.