Upgrade my Alienware x51 R2 with a 970

Kilobyte Kid

Upgrade my Alienware x51 R2 with a 970



I own an Alienware x51 r2 from 2013, stats as follows...


  i5-4440 3.10GHz

  nVidia Geforce GTX 645

  8GB Ram

  1TB harddrive

  Motherboard is a 0PGRP5

  BIOS A01

  240w power adaptor (external power brick).


Quite happy with it, but I would like to get a GTX 970. However, I can't get clear advice on how wise this is. Half the stuff I read says it's fine if you get the 330 adaptor, the other half warns against it due to the general limitations and compact design of the X51 and that you need "blower" cards and things. Can anyone give me a solid yay or nay on this?


Yours Sincerely,



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Re: Upgrade my Alienware x51 R2 with a 970

Hi OneManStanding,


Thanks for contacting us. Unfortunately, we don't keep any CPU information on file as we only do RAM and SSD upgrades. We would advise contacting the  graphics card  manufacture to see if they can provide more clarity.

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: Upgrade my Alienware x51 R2 with a 970

Thankyou for your reply, but have decided on GTX 960. According to the X51 wiki...




...it is a succesful upgrade for plenty of users, with the addition of the 330w adapter. It's not the same as the 970, but still an upgrade, and requires less power than my current one. Not to mention, is £100 cheaper.


Thanks anyway Smiley Happy


Kilobyte Kid

Re: Upgrade my Alienware x51 R2 with a 970

Would recommend ya just build a new system or order one and the 10 series cards probably going to get cheap really soon due to the 11 series cards coming out what ya got now donpsent have a large enough power supply to support newer video cards and that system would severely bottle neck the you and ya wouldn't get very good performance