memory bad?

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memory bad?

Intel i7-4930K, ASUS P9X79 LE MB, I built this system in late 2014, originally using Win 7 pro... upgraded (?) to Win 10.. This was to be my backup video editing system. I installed 8 sticks of Crucial DDR3-1600 non-ECC un-buffered memory (64 Gb total) The system was never dependable.. Always blue screened after 20-30 minutes of use.. "Memory management error".  Thinking it could be Win 10 problems, I did a HD re-format; installed Win 7 pro again... updated all MB drivers & latest ASUS BIOS... I ran a memory test... many red errors, (memory test took close to 24 hours) .....I took out 4 sticks.. lowered the memory to 32 Gb.... now, it will not even boot... I went into BIOS setup.. set it to "Optimized Defaults" still boots to "blue screen" ....after chatting with customer support, I started to complete a RMA to return all 8 sticks for exchange... the RMA form says Material # 201435 (from the sticker on the RAM chip) is not returnable online. 2 sticks are Material# 201435 & 6 sticks have 201252. I bought them all from PC Boost (along with the MB & Processor) I removed all 8 sticks of memory.. going to reinstall only 1 stick (8 Gb) & see what happens: result: blue screens immediately, reboots, over & over... now in process of reinstalling Win 7 Pro... I do need to exchange these 8 sticks of RAM....

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Re: memory bad?

You should try installing each stick by themselves to see how each one behaves individually.  Figure out how many of the sticks have issues.  If all the memory is giving you problems, I would suspect your motherboard is bad or you may have a bad power supply or possibly a bad CPU.   You could also try one stick at a time in the other slots in case a slot or bank is bad instead.


I would find it very strange you could have eight bad sticks of RAM unless they were damaged by your system due to overclocking (motherboard was left in an overclocked state when you purchased it)  or a power issue (most likely a defective motherboard or Power Supply) or you were sold repackaged used/defective RAM.


Maybe replace your power surge strip and check or even bypass any UPS.  Maybe make sure your home wiring & electric is clean and within tolerance.  Make sure you don't have any big household items (forum won't let me use the "a" word here for some reason, so I had to define it)  on the same circuit such as laser printer, microwave, refrigerator, air conditioner, etc.   Also unplug all unnecessary items from the computer.


You could also contact Crucial Support directly  again and explain the issue you have with the online RMA process so they can assist you with the RMA process. 


If Crucial does exchange all eight sticks for you, I would only install one or two at first to make sure the system is stable so you don't accidentally damage the good RAM if the MB or power supply are faulty.  Run a stress test such as Prime95 and also  Memtest86 for several days each (24hours/day) before risking the rest of your memory.



Good luck.