250GB MX500 SSD showing 500MB of total storage

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250GB MX500 SSD showing 500MB of total storage

Not sure what is happening here, but I bought a 250GB MX500 a few months back (around August) when building my new computer. The drive had worked fabulously without any issue as a storage for my games. However, I ended up having a BSOD a couple weeks ago due to an issue with one of my installed drivers (I think it was related to my graphics card). It threw the computer into an Automatic Repair loop.


After a week of messing with troubleshooting options and reading potential fixes online, I finally decided to reinstall my OS completely, as nothing would really be lost due to the computer not being that old (and nothing else was working). I reinstalled the OS just fine. When checking all my drives, I noticed the MX500 was completely empty... Must have happened when trying to troubleshoot, no big deal, I figured I could just reinstall the games-- However, when I tried to install my games back on the MX500, it said I had next no space (500MB) despite the drive being completely empty.


I've tried looking up potential fixes online, but nothing seems to be working. Would anyone here perhaps have a fix that I haven't tried?






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Re: 250GB MX500 SSD showing 500MB of total storage

Check the partition size and if it is 500mb, resize it to fill the disk.  You can do this in Windows via control panel -> admin tools -> computer managament -> disk management.  Or dedicated software such as the free: https://www.partitionwizard.com/free-partition-manager.html


If the partition size is already 250GB but you still only have 500MB free then that suggests file system corruption.  If the data is expendable (soudns like it is) just wipe the disk in that case would be easiest.

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