A system with an SSD crashes when resuming from sleep

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Crashing when your system comes out of a sleep or standby state is typically caused by your system's power management while transitioning to/from sleep somehow preventing the SSD from resuming normal operation from those states. This can typically be fixed by configuring your OS to give the SSD consistent power in this state.


In Windows:


- Go to Control Panel
- Go to Hardware and Sound
- Go to Power Options
- Select Change Plan Settings
- Select Change Advanced Settings
- Make sure the 'hard disk' field is set to ‘never’ (Laptop users select 'battery and power adapter').


On a Mac computer:


- Go to System Preferences
- Go to Energy Saver
- Make sure 'Put the hard disk(s) to sleep when possible' is unchecked.


An additional benefit of these configurations is you will set up an environment in which your SSD will best use its built-in Garbage Collection.