Acronis True Image for Crucial FAQ

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How do I clone to my disk?


The Clone Disk function, located under the Tools tab, will allow you to clone your original disk to your new SSD. A full guide for migrating your original drive's contents, as well as other assistance with installation, is available here.


Is this software compatible with OS X?


This software is Windows-only. Similar functions are built in to OS X operating systems, and a full guide for that operating system is available here.


I am trying to install True Image for Crucial but I receive a message that a Crucial SSD must be installed.




True Image for Crucial requires a Crucial BX-series or MX-series SSD to be connected to the system (using either a SATA cable or SATA-to-USB adapter) when running the installer or when launching the program after installation. If no Crucial drive (or only a legacy model) is present, an error will appear and the program will have to be closed and reopened once a compatible Crucial SSD has been connected.


I have a product key but the program does not ask for it.


Older versions of True Image HD used a 16-digit product key for registration of the program. This step is no longer required for the current version of the software. As long as a Crucial BX-series or MX-series drive is connected to the system, True Image for Crucial will now install without registration.


How do I use the other features of Acronis True Image for Crucial?


Only the Clone Disk function is available and supported by True Image for Crucial. Other features present in the menus, such as Backup, Sync, and Dashboard, will require updating to an unrestricted Acronis product at After purchasing a license for a full Acronis product, support for these features will be provided by Acronis support.


I receive errors about the source disk using Acronis, or my completed clone does not boot.


An error on the original disk can keep Acronis from completing a clone operation, or result in boot errors trying to use the SSD after cloning. Running a scan to repair errors on your original disk, then retrying the clone, may address these malfunctions, but extensive or uncorrectible errors on your source disk may mean cloning is impossible or will result in persistent instability, in which case a clean OS installation may be the best solution.