Any thoughts on the SSD crucial MX300 ?

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Any thoughts on the SSD crucial MX300 ?

So after returning a samsung I noticed that on my amazon store crucial and the 850 evo got a price reduction and I was told yesterday that samsung is going to launch a new SSD version (860 I think it's called).

I'm looking for an SSD merely for games, just to install games wich need lots of loading times, open world and/or pretty much anything. Why? Because I have an HDD already stuffed and I have an SSD too, but with less space, merely for the OS, daily tasks, daily software, etc. If I want to use it for my personal leisure and entertainment, I could only install one game on it (maybe two).

That's where the crucial comes. It has 25gb more than the samsung, it has a good warranty time too but it's slightly slower. However, being thought merely for games and not OS is that really important? I've also been told that Crucial it's a really reliable brand, with no issues of data dissapearing or prematurely dying units whatsoever.

However, should I wait and see more price dropping on the 850? Should I get the EVO 850 anyway because of the speed?

I buy in Europe, so I have 2 years of warranty with amazon. Brand not important on this matter.

If the games are a matter of importance, basically i'm playing nowadays TW3 and MGSV:TPP. Occasionally with friends CSGO, PUBG and DBD☼. I want to play in the future Mafia III and Alien Isolation.

Any thoughts, ideas, opinions, anecdotes or stories are apreciated. English it's not my first language, sorry for the mistakes.


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Re: Any thoughts on the SSD crucial MX300 ?

You won't find much real world difference between for general usage with the decent brand sata drives since we hit the sata 3 limit years ago.  So get the best value is probably the best idea.  It's worth noting though that the MX300 is also an older generation model.

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Re: Any thoughts on the SSD crucial MX300 ?

As long as you are not writing continuously to the MX300 you should be Ok.  If you write continuously to it non-stop for more than 40 seconds, the internal cache fills up and performance can drop significantly (at least on the older firmware, I never checked with the new firmware).  Reading from the drive is fine.   Just make sure the firmware is up to date as I did have issues reallocating bad blocks on firmware older than M0CR060.   Since updating to this firmware I have not experienced any reallocation issues with our MX300s.   If you have the choice between the MX300 and the MX500 then I would definitely prefer the MX500 as it is much improved.    With the previously noted exception, the slight performance difference will probably be undetectable in normal use.


SSDs suddenly dying can happen to any brand although it does appear to happen less often with Crucial from my personal experience.  Make sure you have good working backups for any important data when using any SSD. 


FYI, unless it is regional the MX300 I believe has a 3 year warranty and the MX500 series has a 5 year warranty from Crucial.