BX100 cloning problem

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BX100 cloning problem


I am trying to migrate a Windows 10 installation on to a Crucial BX100. I've used Acronis True Image to clone the HDD on to the SSD.


When I boot from the SSD (HDD connected) Win10 loads up to the desktop, but then the screen flickers and it does not allow any input.

When I boot from the SSD (HDD disconnected) Windows shows the initial loading screen, but does not proceed to user login and screen goes black.

When I boot from the HDD (SSD connected) everything goes fine, I can use the PC and the SSD and its files are visible.


What am I missing to correctly replace the HDD with the new disk?


Thanks in advance,


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Re: BX100 cloning problem

Do you have the appropriate build of Acronis for Windows 10? https://kb.acronis.com/content/56196

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Bit Baby

Re: BX100 cloning problem

Thank you for your insight, In fact, the key that came with my SSD was for Acronis True Image HD 2014, which it seems is not Windows 10-compatible. AFAIK, cloning feature is not available in the Acronis True Image HD 2015 trial version, so I checked for other solutions.


I managed to solve the problem using:

- Clone using EaseUS Todo Backup

- Download Win10 ISO and create bootable DVD

- Disconnect HDD

- Repair installation using the DVD