Build HelpSamsung 860 Evo vs Crucial MX500

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Build HelpSamsung 860 Evo vs Crucial MX500

So I just built a computer yesterday. I carried over my existing 1TB drive that mostly stores games and videos and my Samsung 250gb SSD which serves as the Win10 boot drive. I've been experiencing space issues on both of them and am trying my best to delete unnecessary things but it is hard to do because when I consider deleting something, I think of the smallest reason why I should hold off deleting it and I end up leaving it there.

Anyways, I am looking for a 500GB SSD that I will dedicate for games I play often because it would be a decent addition, not only for freeing up some space on my mechanical drive but to load games up faster. I was committed to getting a Samsung 860 EVO months ago for games but since I've built it yesterday and now I want a drive, getting one turned into doing research for finding the best option. I've had no problems with my current Samsung but I never tried anything else. I see the Crucial MX500 500GB drive is much cheaper than the 860 EVO on Amazon. Looking at some already existing posts, some people say get Crucial that there is no real world difference and some say get the Samsung for better warranty and longevity. Keep in mind, this won't be for a boot drive - just for storing games (and maybe other stuff)

Maybe I put too much here but I hope that would result in good recommendation based off an understanding.

Thank you

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Re: Build HelpSamsung 860 Evo vs Crucial MX500

I doubt you'd tell much real world difference between 2 decent quality SSD's and in this case user benchmarks have them near identical:

We're basically hard up up against the sata 3 limit these days.

So get the MX500 for being cheaper would be my advice.

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Re: Build HelpSamsung 860 Evo vs Crucial MX500

First of all, you asking if you should get Samsung or Crucial drive on the Crucial forum, so the most likely response will be ...

but seriouly, if looks through some reviews/benchmark, you will find that there is little to no speed difference b/w the two drive, certainly none that you will notice in real world application.  

which means you will be getting bette value out of MX500 since its most likely cheaper in most countries. 

if you are still undecided, there are also some video of direct comparison b/w the two drives on youtube from tech deals and another here, which will go into more details