CCleaner has deleted ssd MX300 M.2

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CCleaner has deleted ssd MX300 M.2

Hello, I have a serious problem with my notebook. It has two ssds of 256gb MX300 M.2. I used Ccleaner's empty space cleanup tool in safe mode only in empty spaces.
It turns out that soon after the note rebounded in the setup of the machine and erased the operative system Windows 10 pro.
I reinstalled Windows and the system did not recognize one of the ssds, the C: system. He created a new c: and included in the library the documents and music files that were in the second ssd.
The questions are:
Could this tool have burned ssd? it is not recognized, it does not exist for the disk manager.
What could have happened?
Can someone help me?
Thank you!

I'm using google translator, I'm sorry for the mistakes.

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Re: CCleaner has deleted ssd MX300 M.2

You shouldn't use a hard drive free space cleaner on an SSD.  There is no benefit whatsoever.  All you do is add wear to the drive.


If you were doing this to remove deleted data - this is done anyway by trim.


If you were doing this for performance reasons - it was the wrong tool for the job and would probably achieve the opposite result of what you wanted.  You would use Windows 10 Defrag to do an SSD Optimise.


Having said that, whilst it would add a littlew drive wear - it should have been otherwise harmless.

I would try secure erasing it if possible to return it to a factory erased (rather than zero filled) state.  To do this,  install and run and use the sanitize drive option.

If it doesn't let you do that, try using the PSID Revert option.  This will require the PSID code printed on the drive.

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