Can I update the SSD firmware from a bootable USB flash drive?

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Can I update the SSD firmware from a bootable USB flash drive?


If you are using a PC, yes.


The firmware update can be run from a bootable USB flash drive, providing the SSD is connected via SATA directly, provided the computer can boot from a USB flash drive. The Firmware update guide has step by step instructions on how to update the firmware using a USB drive, and can be downloaded from the firmware update page.


At  this time we do not have a USB process to update the firmware on Mac systems.



Kilobyte Kid

I was able to prepare bootable USB memory stick to install latest MU03 on my MX200, connected via SATA

as sole storage


I have followed this

recipe but it didn't work right away. My (macbook pro late 2008) found the prepared USB memory stick as bootable device, but failed to accomplish the job. The grub.cfg has to be edited. One should mount the prepared USB memory stick and edit/save the EFIBOOT/EFI/boot/grub.cfg file, assuming the EFIBOOT is the name of mounted USB memory stick


There is menu entry in there:

menuentry "Micron Storage Director M550 FW update" {
search --set -f /boot/vmlinuz
linux /boot/vmlinuz ro quiet base loglevel=3 waitusb=10 superuser rssd-fw-update rssd-fwdir=/opt/firmware rssd-model=MX200
initrd /boot/core.gz

M550 has to be changed to MX200, as it is shown above. (No need to worry about title 'Micron Storage M550 FW update')


After booting with USB memory stick firmware update starts and accomplishes normally.

Bit Baby

Tried to create bootable USB using instructions from

"Option 2: Create a bootable USB drive 1. Start with an empty and newly formatted USB drive. 2. Open a USB installer program. If you do not have a USB installer program, you may install a USB installer program such as the Universal USB Installer available for free at 3. Using the Universal USB Installer: o In the Step 1 drop-down list, select Try Unlisted Linux ISO o Find the firmware ISO previously downloaded o Create the bootable USB with the Format drive option selected"

I never got it working. Then i tried and it worked on the first try! Seems like a much better tool. Only option I had to set was point at the iso file.


If you have a Linux system, you can easily convert the Crucial firmware ISO file to a hybrid ISO file which can then be burned to a CD or a USB drive.    Run the "isohybrid" command on the firmware ISO file then "dd" it to your USB drive.   The "isohybrid" command is found in the "syslinux-utils" pacakge on Debian based distributions.


I've used this process to make bootable USB Flash drives which even work on a Mac.  I've done this for the m4,  M500 and MX series SSDs.   It would be nice if Crucial would just make the firmware ISO a hybrid image by default.   


I dislike using all those USB Flash Drive utilities since many of them change the boot process of the ISOs and they don't always work anyway.