Clone failed- Now Acronis just spins

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Clone failed- Now Acronis just spins

I was in the middle of doing a clone. After the clone said it was locking drive C:, I touched the USB drive and it disconnected from the computer. This is turn resulted in Acronis Clone crashing. After trying to get things working by rebooting the computer, and as I try to start acronis clone, I get the initial screen (Acronis True Image) with the circular  spin dial and thats all that ever happens. In the process of locking the c drive and crashing, has it become permanantly locked in some way? My computer seems to start up somewhat slower than normal., but all other applications seem to be working. Any help would be appreciated.




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Re: Clone failed- Now Acronis just spins

I'm not real familar with Acronis, but I will try to help.  If you launch Acronis, does it allow you to interact with it?  If so, create a bootable Acronis USB drive so you can boot from the USB drive to perform the clone.


If Acronis keeps you from interacting with it at all, then close it or force quit it.  Then see if you can locate any Acronis preference files which might be located somewhere in your user account (or possibly in the Acronis application folder).   By default the configuration data may be hidden from users unless you modify Windows Explorer's view/option settings. I'm no longer a Windows user, so I'm not sure how apps store preferences these days.  Rename any you think might hold its configurations settings (or delete them, but renaming by adding an extra file extension such as ".bak" is safer).


You could also try uninstalling Acronis (include configuration settings/data if it is an option), rebooting and the reinstall Acronis.  Then create a bootable USB drive as I suggested earlier.