Cloning SSD MX500 - Macbook Pro 2011

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Cloning SSD MX500 - Macbook Pro 2011



I have a Macbook Pro 2011 version is 10.13.4 High Sierra.  I have been following the procedure:


Per the procedure, on Step 2 Copy, this is the step I receive trouble:Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 8.35.52 AM.png OS

When I select Restore the first time I am prompted with the following notification:

IMG_5129 (2).JPG


When I select Restore the second time, i am prompted with the following notification:

IMG_5128 (1).JPG


Note these photos have different names for my SSD because they were taken at different times...I changed the name since i wasn't sure if the spacing was preventing me from restoring.


Any information to help me clone would be greatly appreciated!  



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Re: Cloning SSD MX500 - Macbook Pro 2011

The first screenshot shows that your Macintosh HD volume must still be mounted.   The second screenshot is saying you have too much stuff to copy to the new SSD.


I've personally never had much success cloning a bootable drive using Disk Utility.  Sometimes it works just fine, but other times it just gives me problems.  I'm not sure if it clones the Recovery Partition necessary for FileVault.


If I were you, I would boot to Internet Recovery Mode (hold down Cmd + Option + Shift + R) and install a clean copy of High Sierra.  I would erase the SSD again by launching Disk Utility from the installer as soon at the Tools/Utilities menu appears.   Then after the install, but during the initial setup attach your original drive with USB and use Migration Assistant to transfer your User Account to the new SSD.    The only downside to this method is sometimes the licenses for proprietary software like MS Office, Adobe, etc. may not transfer and will require you to manually re-enter/re-apply the license.   Advantage is the system is clean & fresh and should be better optimized for an SSD.   By default High Sierra will format your SSD with APFS.   


The other option is to use Carbon Copy Cloner.   I've used this for years without any issues and it does transfer the Recovery Partition.   CCC will also allow you to manually select/deselect items so you can skip unwanted or large items.

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Re: Cloning SSD MX500 - Macbook Pro 2011

hello!  thank you very much for the recommendation of Carbon Copy Cloner.  i finally had the chance to finish the entire process last night and now my macbook is running quite amazing now!  definitely worth it to go through the steps and figure it out instead of cashing out a lot more money for a new laptop.



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Re: Cloning SSD MX500 - Macbook Pro 2011



My computer has been running great!  Just yesterday though, I wasn't able to use wi-fi-.  When I click on the wi-fi symbol, it says "Wi-Fi: No hardware installed"


Could this be related to having a new SSD, or just perhaps due to use over time?  Any advice on how to get my back Wi-Fi back would be apppreciated...though this may not be the correct forum for me to post this...