Cloning a Filevault encrypted HDD to a Crucial SSD Drive

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Cloning a Filevault encrypted HDD to a Crucial SSD Drive

Hi, I am just double checking if I need to un-encrypt my HDD before using the Acronis software to clone to my new SSD?

Or does anyone know any good methods/software to clone an encrypted HDD?

I of course would rather the former, but Filevault keeps coming up that it is stil encrypting, which is bizarre as I completed this process months ago. Unless it "continually" encrypts and I just have to be more patient (I understand the un-encrypting process will take a while, my drive is 200GB full)

Think I am fairly confident with the cloning process / replacement of disc afterwards. Cheers

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Re: Cloning a Filevault encrypted HDD to a Crucial SSD Drive

Most cloning software for the Mac will clone the unlocked FileVault volume so afterwards you will need to re-enable FileVault.  I personally like to use Carbon Copy Cloner.  


Another option would be to do a clean install of OSX, then use Migration Assistant on the first boot into the new OS to transfer your User Folder(s) and settings and even apps if you want.   Migration Assistant does require you to reactivate any software which includes proprietary license.   If you are using OSX 10.13 High Sierra then you can boot using Internet Recovery to install OSX on the new SSD.  You will need to use Disk Utility in the installer to partition/erase the SSD before the installer will allow you to select it as a destination.


As for your drive still encrypting after all this time, I would suspect your drive may be failing.  You should install SmartReporter or DriveDX and post the SMART Attributes for your hard drive before you try cloning or migrating it.


What model computer do you have?  Give the full model as displayed under "About This Mac".