Create bootable media with Acronis True Image for Crucial


Occasionally systems won’t reboot into the Acronis boot-loader. This will result in the system rebooting, but not going into the Acronis program to finish the clone. To get around this issue, a bootable copy of Acronis is required. Luckily, creating bootable media with Acronis True Image for Crucial is quick and easy.


1) Launch Acronis True Image for Crucial.


2) Click on Rescue Media Builder.


Image 1.PNG


 3) Click on the Simple option as the creation method.  



 Image 2.PNG



4) Select your destination. It requires roughly 500MB of storage.


 Capture (002).jpg


5) Click proceed. Rewritable media will be overwritten, so make sure nothing important is stored on your device.



 image 4.PNG


6) A confirmation window will appear once you have created your rescue media and you will need to restart the system while holding down your boot menu key to pull up the system boot menu. This key will vary by system, so please refer to your system manual if you need help finding the key.


 Image 5.PNG



7) When you pull up the boot menu you will get a list of bootable devices in your system, one of these should be the media we used to create the bootable Acronis. If you are using a USB flashdrive for instance you typically will see the manufacturer name of the flashdrive or a generic name like “USB removable device”. If you burned a CD or DVD you will want to select the system’s CD/DVD drive to boot to media.

8) When the media has loaded, it will bring you to a menu to select between Acronis System Reports and Acronis True Image, make sure to select the True Image option to launch the software. Once the software has fully loaded simply select the clone disk option, and proceed to clone your drive.

Bit Baby

This did not work for my Intel NUC6cays.  It re-boots, and the computer appears to be on, but nothing is displayed on-screen.  Similar to the result prior to creating the bootable media (except when I pressed the power button, a message appeared on-screen "Please Wait..."