Crucial MX 300 275 Gig

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Crucial MX 300 275 Gig

I have had this crucial drive for about 4 months now. It works fine as a extended/secondary drive. But I can never get it as a boot drive and windows wont install at any cost. I have tried 3 different motherboards and each time it fails to set up as a boot drive.. I have to resort to getting other makes of SSDs,  ***Edited to remove Crucial competitor*** and a couple of others and evry one of those works perfectly as a boot drive and installs windows 10 without any problems whatsoever. I am an qualified electronics technician.

Just what am I missing here with these Crucial SSDs. 

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Re: Crucial MX 300 275 Gig

I guess it may be some GPT/MBR conflict between the motherboards set to a particular boot mode and the drive that may be formatted in a particular way.

Did you try to completely remove partition information from the drive? It can be done with diskpart clean command at the begining of clean Windows install. Remember to backup any data you would like to save from your MX300.


- disconnect all other HDDs/SSDs except the one you try to install Windows on
- boot up Windows installation media
- on first screen, press SHIFT+F10 then type:
select disk 0     [*in case you didn't disconnect other drives make sure you are selecting proper drive, your MX300]


Reboot may be required. Then during Windows install you select the unallocated partition (the only one that should be shown if you have disconnected other drives), click next and windows should create all needed partitions.


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