Crucial MX200 - 250GB

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Crucial MX200 - 250GB



I'm not happy. Sorry Crucial. My friends with ***Edited to remove Crucial competitor*** no have that problem. This my diks. 93% health for 2 years work...... Smiley Sad I'm totally disappointed.

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Re: Crucial MX200 - 250GB

Could you please post your SMART data? It will show some useful information.
With CrystalDiskInfo use 'Edit > Copy' option, just please remove drive's serial number.


In most cases for Crucial drives, the health indicator is related to drive's NAND wear and is related to how you use the drive - with 7% used in 2 years you still have 26 years to go.


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Re: Crucial MX200 - 250GB

Crucial MX300 maybe better