Crucial MX500 SSS Less Than 1 Minute Stuck

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Crucial MX500 SSS Less Than 1 Minute Stuck

Hi, I'm doing a SSD upgrade on a DELL Dimension E510. I've used Acronis True Image for Crucial so it has reach to the "Less than 1 minute" mark but the old drive stop making it noise and the meter is not moving. I've checked the task manager to see if it's responding or not but it's working. It's been like this more than 30 minutes. The computer is not frozen but the cloning software is not finishing up the cloning process, what should I do? 


It's a Windows 7 Machine and it seems it has downloaded some windows updates when it was doing the cloning process but I turned off the internet.  

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Re: Crucial MX500 SSS Less Than 1 Minute Stuck

I would recommend creating a bootable Acronis USB drive and booting from the Acronis USB drive so things like this don't interfere with the clone.  It should also speed up the cloning process a bit.   There should be an option within the Acronis software to create a bootable USB drive.  It may be referred to as Recovery Media.


If you still have issues with the clone when using the bootable Acronis USB drive, then you may want to check your original drive's health using a utility such as GSmartControl (there is a portable version which does not require installation).