Crucial Storage Executive - Color of the 2 Dials

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Crucial Storage Executive - Color of the 2 Dials

What does the color of the 2 Dials mean under "System Information" for the amount of Physical & Virtual memory?


Sometime the both are green and sometimes one of them is yellow but nothing really had changed.  In both cases, I have lots of free Physical & Virtual memory and eveything is health no matter of the color.


Btw, I have a question on the type of flash being used on the BX300.

I saw many reviews are saying they are 1st gen. 3D MLC.  

Someone says it is really 3D TLC but just use 2 of the 4 levels/bits.



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Re: Crucial Storage Executive - Color of the 2 Dials

According to the bottom of Page 2 in the BX300 Data Sheet (see Micron Quality section) it mentions MLC NAND.


I haven't used Crucial Storage Executive as I don't use Windows, but from what you are describing it is just letting you know about your memory usage at the time which is always fluctuating from moment to moment.   Virtual memory is a swap file or partition located on your drive which is used to save older memory contents that haven't been accessed in a while so the system can free up more physical memory for the active applications.   Frequently accessing virtual memory usually impacts system performance so it is best to minimize its use.   This can be done with installing more memory or possibly closing unused applications or browser tabs.   I'm not sure what the yellow dial actually indicates, but if it would be red you should address the situation to improve system performance.