Crucial Storage Executive do not see ssd

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Crucial Storage Executive do not see ssd

I have a  MX500 CT1000MX500SSD1(Z) all eems OK: I cloned old HD and all seems ok , apps runs ok ... BUT  Crucial Storage Executive do not see ssd . and is impossible optimize the performance of my  Crucial SSD


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Re: Crucial Storage Executive do not see ssd

Storage Exec isn't an 'optimisation' program.  There isn't any optimisng to do on modern versions of Windows.  So you're not missing anything in that regard.

It's features include: firmware updates, diagnostic info (via SMART data), secure erasing the drive, over provisioning, and RAM caching.  Most of this can be done in other ways if there's a specific task you are wanting to perform?


As for fixing storage executive, a few ideas:

Check what sata port it is conneced to and make sure it's a chipset based one and not a third party one (ie an intel or AMD port)

Do you have many drives?  I seem to recall past posts saying the software only shows a certain number of drives.  Not sure if this is still the case (or ever was vs some other issue on the posters system). but try it in a lower numbered port.

Try changing your sata driver. Between your chipset driver and the Microsoft one.

Does the drive identify correctly in device manager?  I recall a couple of past posts where a cloned drive has still shown to Windows as the old hard drive model.




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