Crucial Storage Executive internal error

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Crucial Storage Executive internal error

Hello team,

like other users in this forum, I also experienced internall error when trying to update firmware (from MU01 to MU02).

Version 3.20 downloaded from website.

Storage Executive works well until I try to update firmware. Doing that, internal error.

Disk is a new MX200 500 Gb, just cloned the old from using Acronis HD. It's the only disk in the laptop (HP Elitebook 840). All ok with Windows operation.

Moved the disk on another PC with different SATA controller, same result. This seems to indicate the problem is not the SATA controller.

Apparently this issue is not new, there is a real solution ?

Thanks to support for a reply.

Mario Di Terlizzi

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Re: Crucial Storage Executive internal error

you can install the firmware via a boot disc (either writeable cd/dvd or usb drive)

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