Disable 8.3 Filename Creation


Re: Disable 8.3 Filename Creation

As I said earlier in the thread, I've ran a few WIndows installs with it off.  These were several years ago - so closer to legacy times.  And I've been computing for 33 years so I'm as likely to have ancient software as anyone and never encountered any problems with any software I actually still used.  On the flip side, I haven't bothered switching it off on any installs in the past 5 years because there seemed no real point.


I don't think it's worth anyone switching it off because there no point.  But on the flip side, I think it's an entirely harmless suggestion to switch it off because I think you'd know if you were using software that needed it.  You'd be someone using incredibly niche, probably business critical software, that you know hasn't been updated in decades and for which there is no suitable modern replacement.  The sort of person still running XP because you have to as your vital software won't run on a modern OS.


A more general Windows user: mainly browsing the internet, a few productivity and communciation apps, maybe some games - is not going to to encounter a problem.

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