Enclosure for SSD Drive Question

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Enclosure for SSD Drive Question

I recently purchased a 1TB MX500 SSD and the Sata to USB cable. It's plugged into the back of my iMac

and works very well so far. So what purpose does an enclosure serve? There is no heat being generated

by the drive, is an enclosure for extra protection or? What am I missing? 



Thx for any feedback!

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Re: Enclosure for SSD Drive Question

A USB enclosure?  Probably not much actually if you're not transporting it about.  It would as you say provide protection.  Which would be more of an issue for a HDD as they tend to have exposed circuitry.

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Re: Enclosure for SSD Drive Question

If you are using the Crucial SATA to USB cable, then an enclosure would provide better cable connections with just USB, Thunderbolt or Firewire.   The Crucial adapters I have do not fit very snugly and can easily come loose while traditional cables usually take more to pull loose. 


An enclosure is more important for traditional hard drives since they have exposed circuit boards you don't want to short out.