Feedback Thread Firmware MU05 for the MX200 and MU03 for the MX100

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Re: Feedback Thread Firmware MU05 for the MX200 and MU03 for the MX100

i have the same problem. cant update to firmware version mu03 with my 128gb crucial mx 100. It says no supported drives were detected and it also mentions m510 like the other guy already stated. hopefully this gets fixed soon.


Re: Feedback Thread Firmware MU05 for the MX200 and MU03 for the MX100



I'm just a regular Crucial customer such as yourself.  I just happen to have an interest in boot issues such as this one.   I was able to make a UEFI bootable USB drive for the MX200 firmware updater using Linux.   These instructions assume your Linux system is currently booting using UEFI.


1)  Create a FAT partiton on your USB drive using either MBR or GPT.  If your system won't boot, then try using the other partition type.   The partition type can be either "W95 FAT32 (LBA)" or "Microsoft Data" (respectively).


2)  Mount the FAT partition on your USB drive at "/mnt".  All of the instructions here will assume it is mounted at this location.  


3)  Mount the MX200 firmware updater .iso file and copy all of the files within the .iso to your USB drive at "/mnt".


4)  Install the GRUB2 EFI boot files to the USB drive.  This command only works from a UEFI booted Linux system as it requires a grub-efi installation.   Using the terminal command line issue the following command:

sudo grub-install -v --removable --boot-directory=/mnt/boot  --efi-directory=/mnt  --target=x86_64-efi  --no-nvram 

Note:  If the above command is not done properly, it could make your system unbootable.   Make sure to have your Linux installer available so you can fix any issues.   The command I provided can be copied and pasted as is as long as your USB drive is mounted at "/mnt".


Note #2:  The "--no-nvram"  option should keep the GRUB installer from modifying your system's UEFI boot menus.


5)  Create a GRUB configuration file on your USB drive in /mnt/boot/grub/grub.cfg.  

# GRUB2 Configuration file for Crucial MX200 MU05 Firmware Updater
# Configuration file location on USB drive:
#  /boot/grub/grub.cfg

insmod all_video

menuentry "Crucial MX200 MU05 Updater" {
        linux /boot/vmlinuz libata.allow_tpm=1 quiet base loglevel=3  waitusb=10  superuser  mse-iso  rssd-fw-update  rssd-fwdir=/opt/firmware  rssd-model=MX200 

        initrd /boot/core.gz

Note:  The "linux" line should be all on one single line.   I got the options from the "isolinux.cfg" file from within the .iso image at "/boot/isolinux/isolinux.cfg"


6)  Unmount your USB drive and reboot your system.   Bring up your system's boot menu during system POST and you should see a UEFI USB boot option for your MX200 updater.   If not, disable Secure Boot.  If it still does not appear, enter the BIOS/UEFI settings and manually create a system UEFI boot entry for your USB drive.  The boot file needed is located at "/EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI".   Save & reboot and you should now see your USB drive as a boot option.


I was only able to test the resulting USB drive on a MacBook which uses UEFI.  Crucial Storage Executive runs and determines I don't have a MX200 drive installed which is correct.  I believe it should have no problem updating your MX200 as long as your SATA controller is set to AHCI mode.


If you have any problems, let me know and provide information on the failure and what happens during the boot attempt.


Good Luck and update this post if you are successful so others will know it works.

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Re: Feedback Thread Firmware MU05 for the MX200 and MU03 for the MX100

Like I said the only way that I was able to get mine to work was to make a bootable cdr from the iso image. You can get the iso image by extracting it from the downloaded firmware on the crucial support site. Hope you get it going.

Kilobyte Kid

Re: Feedback Thread Firmware MU05 for the MX200 and MU03 for the MX100

Hello HWTech,


just wanted to thank you for all your outstanding efforts!


I have to admit that i did the update for my MX200 the old fashioned way.

I removed the ssd from my UEFI only pc, put it in an old pc with legacy boot option, did the upgrade and put it back into my pc...a lot of effort for such a simple task.


Even given the fact that your instructions are excellent, it seemed to be a bit too complex for me. I'm just a linux beginner...


Maybe Crucial should strongly consider that not everybody uses windows and nowadays more and more machines have UEFI only and no optical drives anymore, so they should adapt their firmware update isos appropriately to give their customers the best experience possible!


Well, thanks again and best regards,