Getting stuck / 100% usage and updating firmware

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Getting stuck / 100% usage and updating firmware


I have two SSDs: MX200 250GB and MX300 500GB.


Problem 1: Getting stuck / 100% usage

I had my OS on MX200 before I bought MX300 and installed OS on it. At some point after the change, MX200 started freezing/getting stuck at 100% usage, forcing me to hard reboot computer by pressing power/reset buttons. I "fixed" it by moving important data to MX300 and not using MX200. However, I'm running out of space now, and I'd like to be able to use the MX200.

CrystalDiskInfo says that MX200 is in good health, but when I tried to test it with CrystalDiskMark it froze again. Nothing helps, and if I try to shutdown my computer it just hangs in shutting down screen.


Problem 2: Updating firmware

I'd like to update my firmware. Currently MX300 has M0CR031 and MX200 has MU01. (I hope that updating firmware helps the MX200?)

For some reason the homepage is f****d up for me and I cannot use or navigate it.

Where can I download the updates and how can I install them?

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Re: Getting stuck / 100% usage and updating firmware

The webpage seem to work fine in chrome. In case a more direct link helps, the firmware page is here:


Alternatively, Storage Exec can update the firmware for you:

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Bit Baby

Re: Getting stuck / 100% usage and updating firmware

I could not find the installation manually, so I downloaded the Crucial Storage Executve.


First of all, I did reset and clean to MX200. Then I tried updating firmware, but on MX200 it said that firmware update failed and on MX300 it said that could not connect and download firmware.

When I restarted my computer, I could not find my boot disk anymore (MX300). It was marked as hidden in cmd when I checked it with diskpart, and it didn't have drive letter assigned to it. I followed few websites to fix the problem but no luck.

Luckily when I booted Ubuntu from stick and manually mounted MX300 I could save the most important documents before doing clean Windows 10 install.


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