Guide me on Installing SSD on Old pc

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Guide me on Installing SSD on Old pc



I am upgrading my 8-year-old pc, where for the first time I am using SSD ( I know i am very late). So I need complete guidance on SSD Installation from mounting it on SSD to plugging on Mobo and Windows setup.



Mobo: Intel DX79SI

Proc: Intel i7 3820


New Purchased SSD- Crucial BX500 480 Gb


Thank you in Advance


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Re: Guide me on Installing SSD on Old pc


It's a laptop sized drive (2.5") so if you only have 3.5" hard drive bays then to correctly mount it you need a physical adapter. I used to use one of these on my old PC: but there are many others.  And in fact it's fairly optional.  The drives are very lightweight and have no moving parts so you can just hang them off the cable resting in a hard drive bay and they'll be perfectly fine.


Plugging it in:

You just run a sata data lead from a sata port on our motherboard to the sata port on the drive.  And plug in a sata power cable from oyur PSU into the drive.  If you are replacing an existing sata hard drive - you can re-use those cables.  Otherwise either consult your motherboard manual for the port to use or follow the lead from our existing drive and presumably other ports will be next to that one.  Note the cables are not supplied with the drive


Installing Windows:

You simply need to boot from your installation CD or USB memory stick.  If you don't have one, you can create one from (assuming you are running Windows 10)

You may have to tell your computer to boot from USB or CD.  This involves pressing a key as the computer first powers on.  It varies from computer to computer as to what key to press but it will tell you on screen.  You will have an option to enter the BIOS setup from where you can change it.  You might have a key to change the boot order (this is the quicker and easier way).  Consult your motherboard manul if unsure.

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Re: Guide me on Installing SSD on Old pc

If you are installing Windows instead of cloning a drive, you should go into the BIOS/UEFI settings and make sure the SATA controller is set for AHCI mode if it is available.  You may want to also make sure your motherboards firmware is up to date before doing the upgrade.   If you need to install Win7 or Win8.1 you can download the installer direct from Microsoft, but for Win7 you will need to enter a valid Product Key  to download the installer and not all OEM keys are accepted.