Hardware Failure in Dell SupportAssist

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Hardware Failure in Dell SupportAssist

Hi Folks, Ive got a Crucial_CT1050MX300SSD4 in my AlienWare laptop and yesterday it failed its routine SupportAssist (Dell Bloatware) hardware scan. I have upgraded the firmware but the drive is still failing. Crucial Storage Exec says the drive is in "Good Health" but, if Im honest, I always warey of signs of HDD failure. 


Any thoughts or comments? Should I be concerned? Crucial support, I suspect, will not replace the drive unless the status changes to "Poor Health" or some such wording .






CSE Status.PNG

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Re: Hardware Failure in Dell SupportAssist

Some software does not interpret the status of the SSD's  SMART attributes accurately, so this may just be a false alarm.   Please post a screenshot of the SMART attributes from Crucial Storage Executive so we can review them.



Kilobyte Kid

Re: Hardware Failure in Dell SupportAssist

What I think is Dell SupportAssist is not designed particularly Crucal SSD in mind and so I would ignore it giving me any alarm and rely on information from Crucial Storage Executive instead for any failure errors.