How to Find Your Firmware Revision (Mac)

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To find out which firmware revision your SSD is running, follow these steps in OSX:


  1. Click on the Apple menu
  2. Select "About This Mac" (then "More Info..." if present in your OS version)
  3. Select "System Report..."
  4. In the Contents list, click on "Hardware" to expand the category
  5. Click on Serial-ATA (near the end of the Hardware category)

The drive attributes will be displayed on the pane on the right.  You will see the name of the drive i.e. Crucial CTXXXXXXX, the drive capacity etc.  The firmware version will show in the 'Revision' field.


If you want to know how to find this information on a Windows PC, go to this article.


If you want to know how to update the firmware to the latest revision, we have posted a guide here.



Kilobyte Kid

I've worked through the instructions on how to update the m4 SSD firmware and found these problems are apparent:

1) All instructions continually revert to Windows instructions - these mean nothing to Mac users.


2) Where are previous customer has asked for a guide to updating the SSDs formware from a USB stick then 'Katana' has send them to a CD update info-sheet, and as in (1) above the instructions are for Windows users.


3) Modern Macs don't have CD drives (or we've taken out the CD drive to install a SSD!


4) We need instructions, 'FOR MAC OS X' and how to update firmware via USB stick.

PLease Crucial, get a Mac and get this sorted asap!





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At this time we don’t have a Mac-specific firmware upgrade tool for USB. This is not an issue with our products, rather it is an industry-wide challenge due to the way Mac systems are designed. At this time, we recommend contacting Customer Support for your region, if you have a Mac that shipped without an internal optical drive.


If your Mac does have a Superdrive please follow the firmware steps at:

Kilobyte Kid

Instructions for ID'ing firmware version works for internally mounted SSD's. I cannot get my M500 to work internally on my mid-2009 Macbook Pro so it's attached through one of the USB ports. Clicking on USB info in System Profiler doesn't show firmware version.