I can have BX300 or sound but not both

Bit Baby

I can have BX300 or sound but not both

I cloned a BX300 from my existing drive. After I installed the SSD, the computer says I have no sound hardware. Reinstalling the old HD and now the sound works again.

Please explain!!


HPPavilion G6

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Re: I can have BX300 or sound but not both

You could try downloading & reinstalling the audio drivers from HP.  Make sure to reboot after installing them.   


If re-installing the HP audio drivers don't work and if you used Acronis to clone your drive, you could try creating a bootable Acronis USB drive and boot from it to reclone your original drive to the BX300 (just make sure to backup any new files you may have on the BX300 first).  Booting from the Acronis USB drive may allow for a better more reliable clone and it may actually take less time this way.  In the Acronis software there is an option to create a bootable Acronis USB drive.   You could also try using some other cloning software.

Bit Baby

Re: I can have BX300 or sound but not both

I already tried downloading new audio drivers from HP. They would not install. An error message said that there was no audio hardware.

Crucial Employee

Re: I can have BX300 or sound but not both

As @HWTech has also suggested, you will need to make a bootable versin of Acronis, and clone with that.


There is an odd issue with certain versions of windows and hardware that causes services/files crucial to the audio working from not being copied over, if the clone is done while Windows is running. Make a bootable version of Acronis to clone resolves this issue.

Crucial_Benny, Micron CPG Support, US

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