I'm not achieving the benchmark speeds I expected.

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Performance can vary depending on hardware configurations, software, and more.  These simple steps will ensure your SSD is configured correctly:


1. Check what SATA speed your motherboard supports (SATA-I, SATA-II or SATA-III), as this will limit the potential speed of your SSD. SATA-I supports only 100-120 Megabytes per second and SATA-II supports only 250-270 MB/sec in most real-world testing.

2. Ensure your system is set to run in AHCI mode and the latest AHCI drivers are installed.

3. If it's a desktop, try using a different SATA  port and SATA cable.

4. Ensure the latest firmware is installed on your SSD.  You can find the firmware updates here.

5. Ensure the partition on the drive is aligned correctly. If you cloned your drive, we suggest a fresh install of the operating system.

6. Disable drive indexing and defrag.

7. Update system BIOS, chipset drivers, and SATA controller drivers.



Kilobyte Kid

I'm still not achieving the benchmark speeds I expected... by far!

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Since you are commenting on an article on what to do to achieve expected speeds, can we assume that you have already checked all items on the list above and made sure that you have everything configured correctly and up to date? If you have, then the next step would be to follow the steps at the end of this article, to ensure that the drive is given sufficient idle time for Garbage Collection and the other internal maintenance features to run on the SSD.


If you have done all of the above and you still are not seeing the expected speeds from your SSD, please contact support for your region for more detailed assistance, specific to your situation and system.

Kilobyte Kid
We are new CRUCIAL SSD user
We have recently purchase several SSD as M550 1024GB, M500 mSATA 480GB and MX100 512GB,
Somme of those SSD will be only used into usb case,
How test those SSD without installing OS on it ?
We are using a CENTURY Copy pro HD Stand to test, Erase, Duplicate, etc (and more) our HD/SSD
The M500 mSATA 480GB pass "hd check" test without issue
The MX100 512GB and M550 1024GB miss "hd check" test
we are supose that the CENTURY Copy pro HD Stand "hd check" test is not compatible with those CRUCIAL SSD
to find it out, we'd like to know if you have a SSD test utility software for a stand alone use ?
as the "stand alone"  .iso software that we use to check memory module on a dedicated boot USB Stick


Crucial Employee
Crucial Employee

Hi Blues93,


We don't have a test utility software available.  You said you wanted to test the SSD drive before installing an operating system, is there any specific reason for this?


Are you having issues with the drive when you're trying to install an OS?  Please let me know if you have any other questions at all and I would be more than happy to help. 

Kilobyte Kid


Thank you for your answer


I want to test those SSD in "stand alone" because i don't plane to install OS on it.

We will use them like "flash key" that's why ...........


But first of all, i always Test memory or HD / SSD before implent it

'cause it take more time to correct things after ......................


Note that I find out why my Century HD Stand Copy Pro CRF 25/35 not achieve teste of SSDs

Know it achieve test of all SSD and no Probleme was reveled, Test was concluant 

; -)


PS : i 'am working to compilin a boot key stick

existing soft that find in the web, made for test HD and SSD

i will come here later post link of it when finish (by the end of August i guess)


If you have time to have a look to this post about temp issue of my M500 mSATA SSD, it will be nice