Install SSD in a Lenovo

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Install SSD in a Lenovo

I'm trying to install a new MX500 250GB into a Lenovo B570 laptop.


A  I set out to clone the new SSD using my already installed Acronis (2010).  The process looked exactly like the online instructions showed.  The process started and I watched it run.  At about 42% progress the screen went black and the disk light glowed very dimly (maybe flickered).  Nothing I could try would bring the screen back to life.  Assuming it was still working, I left it overnight.  The next AM the system was shutdown.  I hit the power button and early in the startup a msg went by saying that Acronis had completed.  I installed the SSd and at power ON got an error.  I didn't write it down but it sounded like it couldn't find some critical info.


B  I have a fresh Acronis system backup so I booted from the Acronins restart disk and ran a full system restore.  That ran to completion.  I restarted the PC and Windows 10 came up and looked just like my original system.

The problem is that it will only run for about 2 minutes and then freezes.  The mouse  pointer will move around and turns into the blue spinning wheel at various points.  Nothing will respond to a mouse click tho.  Nove even the Task Manager.


C  Is there something I should try next?

     Could the new SSD be bad"

    Can we check for a bad SSD some way/ 


D  Help help help.  :-)   I'm back running just fine with the original HD in place.

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Re: Install SSD in a Lenovo

Hi @PaulinAZ,


Most of the cases in which I saw this kind of behavior were caused by a bad/improper storage driver or some issues with link power management.

Could you please check it with Device manager -> IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers (or Storage Controllers) -> right click on the selected controller -> Properties -> Driver tab

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