Linux firmware upgrade

Kilobyte Kid

Linux firmware upgrade


How can i upgrade firmware from Linux?

Its possibile to use virtualbox?

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Re: Linux firmware upgrade

You can download boot images of the firmware here:

Being boot images, they are OS independant.

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: Linux firmware upgrade

The iso image is actualy Linux + a tool from jMicron + the firmware files. That means if you're already using Linux you should be able to extract the firmware files and flash them directly! All of this is untested (as I don't have my SSD yet) but heres a howto:


  1. Download msecli Software for Linux from - In case you don't want to register skip this step and use the msecli from within the iso but be warned that it might not be be the newest version and/or the wrong arch.
  2. Execute in a terminal:
    mkdir mnt
    sudo mount -o loop /path/to/the/iso mnt
    mkdir tmp
    cd tmp
    gunzip -c ../mnt/boot/core.gz | cpio -i
  3. The final fash process, execute (still in the same terminal) :
    sudo /path/to/msecli -U -i opt/firmware -n /dev/sdX -r
    WARNING: Exchange /dev/sdX with the actual device!
    In case you skipped step 1 the /path/to/msecli is sbin/msecli
  4. Reboot

Re: Linux firmware upgrade



Download the Crucial firmware updater at targetbsp suggested.   Then run isohybrid on the .iso file which will make the ISO file usable for a CD or an USB drive.   You should be able to "dd" the .iso to a USB drive.   isohybrid can be found in the syslinux-tools package on Debian and it's derivatives.   I've been using this method for years to update Crucial SSD firmware.


V10lator,  Thanks for the info.